whatta say?
we are two girlz from italy.
so here we are:
alex; michael girl who makes edits, manips and runs most this blog.
juliet; calum girl who likes the biggest part of posts.
if you follow us, we surely love you allot.

and imagine being a photographer and you are doing 5sos a photoshoot.
the session is over and you all are having fun with silly strings and stuff, while a friend of you is doing a video thats gonna be posted on your youtube channel. 
Luke has been looking at you for a while now, but you thought it was bc you were the photographer and he obvs had to look at you, but now that the session was over you were getting very curious.
playfully, you put silly string on him and he almost fall. His face was really serious and this worried you. He started walking towards you acting angry.
You stared.
"You. Have. To. Stop. Right. Now." he snapped.
Then he put his hands on your neck and pushed you to the wall, kissing you hardly and roughly. The kiss became every second less innocent while his hands explored your body, stroking your hips and biting your lips every now and then, while away the boys were all watching you two have an improvised make out session.

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